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Certified Translation
• Official Documentation
• Patents
• Legal
• Official Letters
• Certificates

Software Assisted Translation
• Websites
• Books
• SEO localization
• User Manuals
• Marketing Material
• Business Letters

Translation Project Management
• Multilingual Documentation
• Websites
• TrainingCourses & Seminars
• Cross Platform Documents

Consecutive Interpretation
• Private Sessions
• Interviews and Presentations
• Field Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation
• Conferences and Congresses
• Multiple Events in Various Fields
• Large Group Meetings

Phone/Video Services
• Skype
• Webcasts
• Personal

Equipment Rental
• 20 Headsets
• 1 Handheld Microphone
• 1 Headset Microphone
• 1 Charging Station

Language Support
• Proofreading
• Terminology, Grammar, Spelling
• Content and Structure
• Accuracy

Process Assistant
• Contextualized Language Usage
• Content Presentation

• Preparatory & Specialization courses
• Interviews
• Speeches
• Examinations

• Project Coordination
• Process Development
• Implementation
• Performance Feedback


Certified Translation

We certify documents for various purposes, most commonly related to official documentation that needs to be presented to public authorities. We have translated and certified many technical project documents used in international calls for tender in various countries worldwide.

Software Assisted Translation

We translate documents of all sorts, although we specialize in engineering and technical industries, such as energy, aviation and R&D projects, to name a few. Throughout the translation process, we discuss terminology challenges with the client, performing a quality check of the original document and adapting texts culturally. These two services are highly appreciated by customers. All translated documents are entered into our translation software, creating a specific terminology database for each client that ensures coherence and consistency.

Translation Project Management

We know that clients sometimes do not simply need a document conveyed into another language, but projects involving full documentation packages or the translation of material into multiple languages. In such cases, we use high-tech software and manage a full network of prestigious, reliable collaborators to ensure customers obtain high-quality documents into the target languages.



Simultaneous Interpretation

We have worked in a large number of assignments for the energy sector, including inspections such as those made by the UN (IAEA) and WANO, workshops delivered by key stakeholders in the industry, training sessions, executive-level meetings, etc. In the past we have worked only in the booth until we bought our own portable simultaneous interpretation equipment, allowing us to adapt our services to a large variety of settings previously unexplored.

Consecutive Interpretation

We have worked in many small, private work sessions where participants are not looking for a quick exchange of information, but for meetings in which the interpreter favors mutual understanding and truly plays the role of a mediator. We have participated and collaborated with clients in highly technical industries, such as energy and banking, as well as with others in soft-skill oriented sectors. We take great pride in covering and being comfortable in multiple industries.

Phone / Video Services

Technology has opened new means of communication, which are just a mouse click away. In 2005 we began interpreting in webcasts, with participants being located in three different continents. With the widespread use of Skype worldwide, we now offer clients the possibility of contacting their customers anywhere in the world. The results are efficient and cost-effective.


Language Consultancy


We are open to learning and work with some of the best, allowing us to take good ideas from all the talent that has passed before our eyes with the aim to develop new business ideas and projects. In doing that, some clients have requested our services to help them manage various things, from process optimization to content development or organizational restructuring. Continued learning implies undertaking new challenges and knowing when to request the support of qualified professionals to reach higher levels of quality. The drive to learn keeps us moving.

Language Support

We have been working in specific industries for a long time, which means eventually we become proficient in the processes they use. As a result, some clients count on us to assist them in the development of their work. In this field, we have been working with WANO for years, coaching and supporting its inspectors on the field in multiple countries.

Process Assistant

We base much of our translation and interpretation work on close cooperation with clients. At times, that collaboration opens new doors, mostly related to clients demanding further implication from us in their processes beyond the merely linguistic support. That additional support is sometimes provided in the form of material development, presentation designs or even process optimization services. In short, we look for synergies.



Working with some of the best in each industry does not only allow us to interpret interesting messages, but to learn and apply them to our way of conducting business and going through life.


Success in our field does not only mean choosing the right word, but turning communication into an effective tool, optimizing processes and ensuring customer satisfaction.


Our many years working in various industries, with a large number of successful assignments and a few failures, have allowed us to strengthen our position as a reliable service provider.