Invest In Murcia


Integrating the Investment Agency's parent logo into the aesthetic of a new logo and new website. Supporting print assets and 3d design for Exposition Booths to attract investors to set up in the Region.


McSwell provided all the editorial content, graphs, maps, images, rebranding, development and translation for a new website as well as integrating those graphics into Exhibition stands to deliver a full comprehensive package.


Finding relevant content and editing the text. Using the proper voice to attract the targeted audience and integrating a professional translation using WPML software.

UX & Design

Creating the User Experience involves the wireframe design of acquiring and integrating the content, including aspects of branding, design, usability and function.

Coding & SEO

Critical to the development of a website is the backend visibility on the internet through a process of performance testing, key word search engine and responsive testing.

Invest In Murcia expo
Invest In Murcia brochures

Region of Murcia,
where business lives
and life works

-Motto by McSwell



Final Expo Real stand showcasing both companies under one connected environment. Custom maps, printed graphics, lighting, tablet stand/desk design and overall layout were achieved under a reduced budget.

Sareb expo

Co-Branding Exhibition

Sareb, a government-owned company responsible for managing financial assets, teamed with Invest In Murcia to share an exhibition space that needed a co-branding space to sell to investors.

EXPO Real 2018 Munich, Germany