New Growing System

New Growing System


Rebranding strategy for Hydroponics Company to clearly describe their complex systems to -international clients.


McSwell provided new branding and sub-branding guidelines, editorial content, web redesign, translation and publications to deliver a full comprehensive package.

Branding Guidelines Manual

CCorporante Branding Guide
Branding Guidelines
Branding Guidelines
New Logo NGS
Branding Guidelines NGS
Branding guidelines NGS


Packaging Branding McSwell

Brand Architecture

We create a structure to organize their brands, products and services. The structure was then used to guide the sub-brands and develop new products.


UX & Design

The User Experience involves enhanced navigation, aesthetic appeal, usability and functionality.

Writing & SEO

In order to increase search traffic and achieve better Google rankings, we implement focused phrases and keywords that are relevant to their audience.

Berlin Fruit Show


Comprehensive Communications Package


Publish articles, optimize web performance, encourage traffic growth, drive marketing strategies.

Sales Growth

Our overall goal is to increase company sales by creating a quality image, voice, direction and control. All within a professional and corporate framework.