McSwell product

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Consumer Branding

We develop a strategy to create recognition and direct relationships and experiences between product and customer.

Material Research

Our detailed approach includes identifying the problem and finding solutions through research, prototype build and testing.


Utilizing the latest technology and techniques, we create cutting-edge ideas while maintaining our attention to detail.


Kids Tee Shirts by McSwell Merch
Merch by McSwell. Tesla marketing uniform

Organic cotton tee shirts designed and manufactured locally using custom patterns, discharge print technique and custom stitched tagging. Custom baseball hats with 3-D stitching. 

Custom pattern zippered racer employee sales uniforms with branding.

McSwell tee
McSwell tee shirt

Packaging & Product Design

Tesla Model S key fob packaging box design and holder.

KeyFob Box PM
Tesla Fob box

Industrial Design

Conceptual Tesla Supercharger electric car quick charging station with battery charge lighting indicator.

concept product design
Concept product McSwell
Tesla mug


Our custom solutions allows businesses to sell innovative branded products and packaging in stores or online. We work with manufactures worldwide in order to provide our clients the best rates.

McSwell cycle

Tesla cycling jersey co-branded with Squadra.