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Tesla Motors

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Tesla Motors



Printed Material
Exposition Graphics
Branding Strategy
Digital Graphics
Product Design
Technical Graphics


As a start-up company, the Tesla brand vision needed to establish itself and resonate with customers. The goal was to drive the sales of the premium sedan, Model S, in order to fund the next generation cars. The Model X was developed under tight deadlines in order to secure launch date.


Supporting the Tesla Design Studio to produce visual identity assets and ensure the brand standards correspond to the company's innovative mission in order to grow the company.

Print graphics

Model S Launch Print Graphics
Fremont Factory, California


A Brochure was needed for the Fremont Factory launch of Model S. The challenge was that the car was still being built and only a beta car existed with limited photographs.

Materials Tesla
Model S brochure founders Event

Model S Quickguide
Warranty and Roadside Assistance

Technical Drawings
and Illustration

Backlit LCD screen
Model S Open/Close Button

mechanical button
Model S button frunk

Model S Badging

Tesla badging P85

Air and Sealant Sticker

Owners Information Model S
Mechanical drawing labels

Model S Packaging Design
for Existing Key Fob

Model S key fon box

Supercharger Station Design
and Lighting Concept

Supercharger concept model
Supercharger concept model

Model X Sketchbook and Cards

Model X sketchbook

Store Merchandise

Model X tee shirt
kids tee shirts Tesla
Tee shirts Tesla detail