Tesla Motors

Printed Material

Using the latest techniques in binding, paper, die casting, folding, card inserts, metallic spot color and UV coating with transparent pages.

Exposition Graphics

Large format digital printed images used for backdrops, launch events, CEO presentations and to scale car design items.

Technical Graphics

Illustrated product usage instructions, technical manufacturing, car button graphics and Quick Guide Model S User manual.

print McSwell
McSwell print design. Tesla Model S brochure page spread
McSwell print design. Tesla Model S brochure detail and cover pages
McSwell print design. Tesla Model X sketchbook, cards and pencil.
McSwell print design. Tesla Model X sketchbook and cards.
McSwell print design. Tesla Model X sketchbook cover detail. Foil printing and embossing.


As a start-up company, the Tesla brand vision needed to establish itself and resonate with customers. The goal was to drive the sales of the premium sedan, Model S, in order to fund the next generation cars.


Supporting the Los Angeles Tesla Design Studio to produce visual identity assets and ensure that the brand standards correspond to the company's innovative mission in order to grow the company.

Tesla Model S Fremont

First Model S Customer Delivery Event, Fremont, California 07.31.2012


Model X Unveiling Event, Los Angeles, California

Model S

Backlit button to open trunk of the car


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Our custom solutions and experience manufacturing innovative branded products, packaging, detailing and industrial design.

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