The City Dock

The City Dock

Name & Logo

Whether starting from scratch or refreshing, we develop your brand identity so that it's voice, graphics and fonts target your specific audience.

Renderings & Imagery

Architectural drawings, 3-d renderings, material applications, icon creation, maps, graphs, digital it, we do it!

Website & Copywriting

Not only do we build fully functional custom responsive websites, but also write the content and structure the user interface.

The City Dock Project

Together with 1919 Design Co., we were commissioned to come up with a name, logo, design renderings, website and proposal package for curbside dining that was to be presented to the mayor of Los Angeles during the Covid-19 crisis.

Logo Design

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Deploy and activate underutilized areas to support Los Angeles curbside dining. Help local restaurants by creating a safe dining environment to encourage outdoor eating during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Design and deliver shipping containers that have been transformed into outdoor cafe and dining areas that occupy 2 public parking spaces. Provide a durable, safe design equipped with solar panels, disinfecting station, partitions and custom branding.


Case Study- Angelini Osteria

Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Ca.

Case studies

L.A. Al Fresco Project

A quick and safe dining solution to support the restaurant industry, within the framework of Los Angeles Al Fresco incentives and complying with FDA guidelines.

What is L.A. Al Fresco?

L.A. Al Fresco is a temporary program that streamlines requirements and approvals across multiple City departments for outdoor dining on sidewalks, parking lots, and streets. This program aims to help local businesses reopen while maintaining the physical distance recommended by public health officials.