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Translator / Interpreter

Jose Delgado


Master’s of Translation and Interpretation Degree University of Murcia, Murcia, Spain(2005)

Post-graduate Social Pedagogy Degree University of Murcia, Faculty of Education. Murcia, Spain (2000)

Undergraduate English Philology Degree University of Murcia. Murcia, Spain (1990-1994)


Jose began working as an English instructor before joining Trillo Nuclear Power Plant, where new job opportunities as an interpreter and translator emerged. Trillo NPP was a launching platform to enter the Spanish nuclear sector, where Jose has worked in all stations. In 2010 Jose began working in power stations across Europe, in 2012 work began in Asia and in 2014 the doors of the American market opened. The experience gained in the nuclear sector has opened the door to other industries requiring high standards and levels of quality.

In the various sectors where we provide communication services, we engage to offering high-quality products, as well as to play an active role in process optimization. By working in multiple sectors, we are capable of getting new ideas from a variety of sources, developing a cross-functional business approach and learning from interesting individuals across the spectrum.


Jose, currently residing in Andalusia, loves to surf, play music, cook and travel. Jose is passionate about learning from other cultures and living in different countries, including Spain (Murcia and Andalusia), Scotland (Edinburgh), USA (Kansas City and L.A.) and France (Reunion Island).


Meaghan McCall


Master’s of Architecture Degree Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-arc), Los Angeles, California U.S. (2000-2004)

Undergraduate Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia U.S. (1996-2000)


Meaghan began her career working in architecture gaining an aptitude for detail and digital technology before diverging into graphic design. With a wide range of experience working in large firms, medium sized firms and running her own business, Meaghan has had the opportunity to explore many facets within the design profession.

In 2011, Meaghan became the principal Graphic Designer at Tesla Motors and contributed to a multitude of works ranging from print material and store merchandise to environmental installations and technical car applications. Meaghan has had the opportunity to lead the overall branding at the Tesla Design Studio when it was a start up company, later expanding into where it is now.


Meaghan now resides in Andalusia, Spain, enjoys running, painting, architecture and travels at every opportunity possible. Meaghan has lived and studied in different countries, including the U.S. (L.A. and D.C.), Australia (Melbourne), Austria (Vienna) and Spain (Murcia and Andalusia).